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Our teachers nurture and care for the children during these critical stages of development by allowing them to respond to, adapt to ,and learn about their surroundings using all of their senses.

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Our teachers use age-appropriate books and activities to teach the children. Language development is also strengthened through individual and small-group activities in our Dramatic Play and Library learning centers.

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Before/After Care and Virtual Learning

The program helps the child with homework and virtual learning.  Our teachers keep the children on task while doing virtual learning and assist as needed. 

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Summer Care

 Activities and creativity will be explored all summer. Our teachers will educate the children while they have loads of fun learning!

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About Us


Early childhood is one of the most crucial stages in a person’s development, especially since it defines the child’s formative years and the part of life when he or she begins taking in the world around him or her. The immediate environment and the people around a child can influence his or her behavioral, cognitive, and social growth.

To ensure their child’s optimum growth and healthy development, parents must provide their children with good education and a positive environment. We at Heart Felt Childcare understand this and offer the finest childcare services that parents, grandparent, and guardians alike can trust.

Our Services

We ensure your child’s positive development by sending him or her to Heart Felt Childcare in Carteret, New Jersey. We provide children aged 2 1/2 to 13 years old with a loving family environment in a school setting. Additionally, we offer an after-school program that keeps kids productive and fosters behavioral and academic growth.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of experienced individuals who are passionate about our line of work and committed to educating the children under our care. Rest assured your child would receive the love, care, attention, and learning that he or she needs and deserves.

We offer a full time, part time, aftercare, and tutoring program.

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